ICD-10-CM Coding: COVID-19 Update & Searching for Codes

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COVID-19 Strategies to Alleviate the Mental and Psychosocial Impact

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COVID-19 Seniors at Risk: Top 8 Things to Prevent Death

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COVID-19 and Trauma-Informed Care Strategies

Leveraging fascinating life stories and examples to explore what trauma is, and who is at risk for it, while covering how to provide trauma informed care will all be covered in this hour-long webinar.  Learn why there are updated requirements regarding it and gain an understanding and appreciation of the effects of trauma.  We will cover key elements for assessing older adults and tips for care strategies.  After you will walk away with best practices for integrating a trauma informed approach into your processes and implementing a person-centered trauma informed culture that benefits your residents

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COVID-19 and Infection Control 

Learn how to leverage best practices and information from those who have faced the challenge of infection control with COVID-19. Do you have an active functioning infection control program that has been tweaked for COVID-19? Or just policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements? Avoid F880 citations, be prepared for a Focus Infection Control Survey and gain expertise to stop or reduce the spread of this coronavirus in your facility. Attending Kris B Harmony's free webinar will provide the knowledge you need and save you the time required to navigate and sift through the web of regulations and guidance on infection control.

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