Evaluate Your Options

Senior Manager/ Regional Manager/ Regional Vice President: 
Choice.  Another day, another 10 choices.  Risks.  Audits, OIG
investigations, Clinical and Regulatory Compliance.  Who are the experts
and how can they help me improve performance?  How do I evaluate my best
choices and determine which road to travel? 

Contact Kris B Harmony to discuss the scope of services that meet
your specific needs.

Administrator:  The window is open for my State Survey.  Am I prepared?  Is my staff
prepared?  Have I missed anything?  Documentation.   Does
my staff's documentation fully reflect what they are doing?  Is my therapy
provider doing as well as they should?  How can I answer these questions
and reassure myself that I am more prepared tomorrow than I am today? 

Let Kris B Harmony answer these questions and provide information
about options available to you.

MDS Coordinator:  So many details, so many priorities, so many risks. 
My successes and failures live in the details and I am concerned that there may
be details I have missed.  What can I do? 

Harmony lives in the details, too.  Contact Kris B Harmony for
options that meet your needs.

Clinician:  Quality Measures, QIS, QAPI, improvement standards, outcomes,
documentation.  Sometime I feel like my job is a spider web without a
clear path of how it all fits together.  How will I know if I am following
the right threads and still caring for my patients?

Contact Kris B Harmony to discuss your options
and receive the insight you need.