Africa Human Capital Nursing (AHCN)  U.S.A. Program Sponsorship

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"Bridging the rich tapestry of cultures between the United States and Africa is a harmonious symphony that celebrates diversity, embraces unity, and fosters understanding. In the exchange of traditions and stories, we build bridges that connect hearts across continents, weaving a fabric of shared experiences that transcends borders and cultivates a global community."




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Team and Advisory Network

Edmund K. Aziabor

Edmund K. Aziabor
  • Founder of Cross Atlantic Health Partners LLC. ; Succor Home Care LLC; Entrepreneur.
  • Former Banking and Finance Executive.
  • Former Director at Fidelity Investments and Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch.
  • University of Ghana,  MBA MIT Sloan School of Management.

Leslie A Nelson

Leslie A Nelson
  • Entrepreneur & Senior Business Executive with extensive experience in Africa  (Private Equity, Energy, Healthcare and Finance.
  • Former Managing Director New Fortress Energy (NASDAQ: NFE),  former  GE Senior Executive in Africa , former expeience with Merrill Lynch/ Bank of America and UBS Financial.
  • University of Ghana BA Hons, MBA NYU Stern School of Business, New York.
merrill lynch

Kris B. Harmony 

Kris B Harmony
  • Entrepreneur, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Educator and Advocate.
  • Founder, President and CEO Harmony Healthcare International, (HHI).
  • Founder, President and CEO  KrisBHarmony, LLC.
  • Tufts University, B.S.O.T., Salem State University M.B.A., LNHA, OTR/L.

Dr. Kwame Larbi-Siaw

Dr. Kwame Larbi-Siaw
  • American Board of Internal Medicine Certified.
  • Attending Hospitalist at Caromont Medical Center, Internal Medicine, Intensive care & Post Acute Care.
  • University Of Ghana Medical School; Columbia University College of Physician & Surgeons at Harlem Hospital Center.
caroMont Heart-1

Dr. Yvonne F. Wilson

Dr. Yvonne F. Wilson
  • American Board of Internal Medicine Certified.
  • Primary Care Medicine at Mass General Brigham.
  • Internal medicine, Inpatient Medicine, Long Term Care.
  • Wellesley College, MD Harvard Medical School, Columbia University.
mass general brigham

Doreen  Akoi-Gyebi

  • New Jersey Board of Nursing Certified.
  • Critical/Intensive Care Nursing, Telemetry & Medical Surgical Nursing.
  • Long Term Assisted Care/Assisted Living, Sub-Acute Care Nursing.
  • University of Science & Technology, Jersey College School of Nursing, Capella University.
penn medicine

Introduction and Primary Program Goals

Our Vision: To bridge the global resource gap by matching supply of skilled human capital from Developing markets with Healthcare service providers in developed markets such as the U.S.A. and Europe.

Who Are We?

Cross Atlantic Healthcare Partners, LLC is a New England based company established to provide healthcare staffing services.


The current shortage of Registered Nurses (RN) and other healthcare professionals in the U.S. has led to a crisis for healthcare providers. Everyone wants to come to the U.S. There are migrant nurses from Africa available to help the sponsoring healthcare organizations provide the quality of care and meet the staffing requirements mandated  by the government.

Primary Program Goals

  • Fill the existing staffing shortages with migrant nursing practitioners.
  • Reduce the recruiting and affiliated costs for healthcare organizations.
  • Provide qualified African RNs with opportunities to improve their lives.

Global Context: Where Demand Meets Supply

USA: The Demand – Current Situation


State of Affairs


The US is projected to face a shortage of up to 124,000 physicians by 2034 as the demand outpaces supply*.


200,000 nurses must be hired each year to meet rising demands. A shortage of home health aides is most acute.


Hospitals are suffering a “national emergency,” projecting the overall shortage of nurses to reach 1.1 million by the end of 2023.

baby boomer

Increase in the aging population (Baby Boomers) - People in this demographic often require more medical care. The over-65 population will grow by 48% by 2032.

retirement age

Unfortunately, many working physicians will also be reaching retirement age along with the rest of the Baby Boomers.


Some nurses move to specialized areas rather than remaining in primary care, where there is the highest need. 

 Reasons for the Shortage

  • Population growth and aging.
  • Increased access to healthcare leading to higher demand for healthcare.
  • Many healthcare workers are approaching retirement age and are not being replaced at the same rate.
  • Burnout leading to high turnover.
  • Hostility toward nurses in the healthcare setting.
  • Balancing family – majority of  nurses are women and may leave or pause their careers when they have a family.
  • Starbucks.


 The Solution

  • Recruiting foreign trained healthcare professionals to fill gaps in the workforce.
  • Training programs to address skilled gaps.
  • Interprofessional collaboration to optimize the healthcare workforce and improve patient care.
  • Retention efforts:  improving working conditions, offering competitive salaries, and addressing issues of burnout. 

Africa: The Supply - Current Situation



Healthcare professionals are migrating from Africa to developed countries in search of better professional and personal opportunities. In recent years, this phenomenon has accelerated significantly.

Healthcare professionals from South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria are in high demand in the USA  and UK.


In 2022 more than 3,000 nurses migrated from Ghana for greener pastures because of the unemployment situation, unfair salary scales and poor conditions of service.


The UK, Americas, Australia and Ireland generally offer better working conditions, flexible work schedules and better pay hence emigration to these locations.

handshake icon

Ghana is an imminent bilateral agreement with the British Government to send Ghanaian trained Nurses to the United Kingdom (UK) in exchange for financial considerations.

Ghana has a similar agreement with Barbados where nurses are excelling.


South Africa: A consistent increase in the number of health professionals who are willing to migrate.

age profile

Ghana: The period shows an increase of more than 80%  enrollment into professional nursing.

81% of professional nurses are younger than 35 years compared to 2008  which was 43%.


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