About Kris


Kris, a nationally recognized keynote speaker, boasts over 32 years in the
healthcare industry, specializing in compliance, operations, reimbursement,
regulations, and survey within the acute and post-acute health care sectors.

A Tufts University alumna with an Occupational Therapist degree, Kris further
honed her expertise with a Master’s in Business Administration from Salem State
University and a Nursing Home Administrator's License. Kris is the proud founder
of Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI), which she led for 23 years. Now,
Kris is at the helm of KrisBHarmony, LLC, continuing her impactful journey. As a
mother of four, Kris champions a balance of work and well-being and committed
to clean living, a healthy lifestyle, and supplements this by practicing yoga.


"The WOW Factor"
Kris speaks on a range of global topics from leadership, entrepreneurship, and
healthcare to more specific sessions on team building, scaling a business, brain
health, health and wellness, work life balance, rules, regulations, advocacy, and a
whole lot more!

Kris's quick pace and high-energy stage presence are electrifying. She is the
perfect speaker to open any event and "wake up" audiences. Just as well, Kris is
the ideal speaker to powerfully close an event, leaving audiences with a lingering
impression of "wow".

This mission KrisBHarmony, LLC, is to advocate for changes in laws, policies, and
societal behaviors via identifying, documenting, educating, and sharing the stories
of others. KBH specializes in facilitating constructive dialogue, identifying complex
issues, and problem-solving solutions to improve systemic issues that directly
impact an equity in living. By showcasing real life experiences and connecting the
dots to systemic causes, KBH facilitates communication and understanding of the
opportunity to improve lives.

The goal of the KBH Series, is to Inspire, Educate, and Motivate individuals so they
too, can have an impact on what really matters to them. KBH strives to create a
world where the laws and policies reflect the collective wisdom gained from
diverse experiences, varying geographical areas, and multiple age groups, with
the end result of a more interconnected and harmonious life.

Kris, In Her Own Words

I want to share a bit of my own story to illustrate why coercive control and abusive litigation must be addressed in the laws:

  • I was married in 1993 and have four beautiful daughters. In 2001, I started my own healthcare consulting company from the basement of my house. The company grew beyond New England and was very successful.
  • During the entirety of my marriage, my ex was abusive to me and my daughters, including but not limited to control, manipulation, technological surveillance, and emotional abuse.  He threatened that “if I ever left him, he would cut me up into little pieces and throw my body into the ocean” ....and then he whispered, "and no one will ever know."
  • I requested a divorce in 2018. I proposed a parenting plan and equal division of assets, with the intention of mediating the divorce to minimize legal fees and the trauma on our family.
  • However, my ex-husband had another plan. Instead of working collaboratively with me in the best interest of the girls and the marital estate, he engaged in scorched-earth litigation with the stated intent of destroying me. At trial, our CPA of 30 years testified under oath that my ex-husband told him that his intentions were to destroy me and burn the marital estate to the ground.
  • True to his warning, my ex-husband has been successful by using the court system to destroy me and my children, emotionally and financially.


Because Of His Coercive Control & Abusive Litigation Tactics:

  • I drained my savings, and my retirement plans to keep the family and business afloat and to pay for my daughters' educational and living expenses because my husband refused to comply with court ordered support.
  • I attended court 36 times, including a 6-day trial that spanned over two months, and did not receive a judgment for 18 months.
  • I had to relive my trauma every court appearance, and endure the anxiety and emotional distress, repeatedly, 36 times.
  • I incurred legal expenses exceeding 1 million dollars and was forced to file bankruptcy and close my healthcare consulting business of 20 years because the majority of my time was spent defending legal actions by him.
  • My daughters and I were evicted from our Andover, Massachusetts home, causing all of us increased anxiety and ongoing emotional distress.
  • Interfaced with over 8 Judges throughout the 6-year process and still going. 
  • I did not see my dog Gucci for 2.5 years.

My Message

Abusive Litigation and Coercive Control laws are long overdue and can make a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals who have endured the agony of these damaging forms of domestic abuse and conduct.

I respectfully request the citizens of Massachusetts to contact their local representative and urge them pass these bills.

This legislation is not just about protecting victims; it's about sending a clear message that such abuse is unacceptable and ensures that no one has to endure what I, my children, and many others have endured.

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