April 2, 2024

Person-Centered Care Top 10 Things To Know

Kris B. Harmony, OTR/L, LNHA, MBA

Kris B. Harmony, OTR/L, LNHA, MBA

Person-Centered Care Top 10 Things to Know: 

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), LTAC's, IRF's, and HHA's comprise the Post Acute Care Continuum and play a crucial role in providing care for individuals who require specialized medical services and assistance with daily activities. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of person-centered care in the Post Acute Care Continuum, shifting the focus from simply treating medical conditions to enhancing the overall well-being and quality of life of residents. 

Person-Centered Care is an approach to healthcare that prioritizes the individual needs, preferences, and goals of each resident. It recognizes that every person is unique and deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, person-centered care emphasizes collaboration between residents, families, and healthcare providers to develop personalized care plans that reflect the resident's values, preferences, and life experiences.

Top 10 Things To Know About Person-Centered Care:

1.) Respect for Individuality: Person-centered care recognizes that each resident has their own unique background, preferences, and values. It involves taking the time to get to know each resident as an individual and understanding their personal preferences, routines, and goals.

2.) Empowerment and Autonomy: Person-centered care empowers residents to actively participate in decisions about their care and daily routines. It encourages residents to voice their preferences, make choices, and maintain a sense of control over their lives.

3.) Holistic Approach: Person-Centered care goes beyond addressing medical needs to consider the resident's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. It involves supporting residents in maintaining their independence, engaging in meaningful activities, and fostering connections with others.

4.) Collaboration and Communication: Person-centered care emphasizes open and transparent communication between residents, families, and healthcare providers. It involves listening attentively to residents' concerns, preferences, and feedback, and working together to address their needs and preferences.

5.) Transforming SNFs with Person-Centered Care: Embracing person-centered care can lead to transformative changes in SNFs, enhancing the quality of life for residents and promoting a culture of compassion and empathy.


Examples of how SNFs can incorporate person-centered care principles into practice:


6.) Individualized Care Planning: Develop personalized care plans for each resident that take into account their unique preferences, routines, and goals. Involve residents and their families in the care planning process to ensure their voices are heard.

7.) Staff Training and Education: Provide ongoing training and education for staff members on person-centered care principles, communication skills, and techniques for engaging residents in decision-making. Encourage staff to build meaningful relationships with residents based on trust and mutual respect.

8.) Promoting Independence and Choice: Create opportunities for residents to make choices and maintain independence in their daily lives. Offer a variety of activities and programs that cater to different interests and preferences, allowing residents to engage in activities that bring them joy and fulfillment.

9.) Enhancing the Physical Environment: Create a warm, inviting, and homelike environment within the SNF that promotes comfort, safety, and familiarity. Incorporate elements of personalization and customization to help residents feel more at home and connected to their surroundings.

10.) Continuous Quality Improvement: Regularly evaluate and assess the effectiveness of person-centered care practices within the SNF. Solicit feedback from residents, families, and staff members to identify areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance the delivery of care.

Person-Centered Care is not just a philosophy; it's a guiding principle that can transform the way care is delivered in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF's) and other PAC's. By embracing the values of respect, empowerment, and collaboration, SNFs can create environments that prioritize the well-being and dignity of every resident. Through thoughtful and compassionate care, SNFs can truly make a positive difference in the lives of those they serve, fostering a culture of compassion, dignity, and empowerment.


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